Clare Cheyne of Mish Guru

Storytelling Wizard, NYC  

"Cassie’s special blend of industry insight, strategic thinking, and creative brilliance is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.


She leads with more kindness than I’ve ever experienced, and has broken more ground in brand storytelling than any other human in her field.


Radiating sunshine, ridiculous brain power and a passion for telling stories in the right way - working with Cassie is a privilege."

Jim Louderback CEO of VidCon, Viacom

General Manager - VidCon Global

"Cassie is a truly innovative thinker and practitioner in the field of global marketing. 

She has great insight on how to build your business both locally and worldwide using innovative combinations of paid earned and owned media. She’s an expert in social video and social marketing, but also in so much more. 


She’s also a great teacher and speaker – her sessions at VidCon around the world are among the most popular each year."

Belinda Nash, journalist

Journalist, Badass Woman


"Cassie is magnetic.
She lives her life with soul and purpose.

Everything Cassie turns her head to in life or work, she contributes her whole self.


Cassie has a CV that dazzles, and she delivers for clients above and beyond expectation, with intelligence, thoughtfulness, empathy, verve, attention to detail and her fierce sense of humour.


Above all, Cassie is an absolute pleasure to know & work alongside."

"Cassie is an instrumental and driving force is ensuring cross-channel content aligns with the company’s objectives, supports strategy and is seen as a pillar of success and innovation. In my role, Cassie helped guide the internal social strategy, and acted as a key consultant in initiatives and projects for social internally. Cassie is engaging, energetic and an inspirational leader." 

"Kindness warrior is actually a bit of an understatement when it comes to Cassie Roma! Cassie has the adept ability to fill a room with great insights and knowledge delivered with healthy doses of honesty and, most importantly, kindness. From our very first encounter, it has been an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know Cassie more and more over the years."

"In the short time I worked with Cassie, she impressed on me twothings. Be passionate about what you do, and remain customerfocused. Working in social media keeps you finely attuned tobeing transparent and real, and that's the ethos she delivered. Not to mention being an all-round good sort." 

"Cassie is a social native and just the kind of person you want on your side. She's cool, calm, collected and goes the extra mile to make everything work out the best. Positively a class act."