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F*ck You Marketing, PS We Love You



2020’s 4am mornings & looooong walks/talks sure turned into something our Cass. Our business motto this year is #BeBold, & we'll be damned if this isn't a hell of a bold move to make straight outta the gates!

F*ck You Marketing, PS I Love You is a middle finger, a tip ‘o the hat, & a big ‘ol bear hug to an industry we love being a part of.

We know Cass is super proud of finishing her debut book, & having read it, we know you're going to love it too.

You can betcha britches this one’s gonna be a rollicking ride for everyone heading back to work & facing 2021 with optimism & a drive to do better, together.


Watch this space for updates!

And, please, do that thing we all love in a social media drenched world... Share, pre-order, & enjoy the heck outta this read when it's released Feb 1st, 2021.


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