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Since they're inception, digital & social media have been the greatest levellers of humanity.

When it comes to democratising communication between consumers, artists, social media, & brands alike the lines between consumers & creators aren't simply blurred anymore - they're melded aspects of a whole approach to media.


Where once marketing & advertising was a push outwards towards potential customers, social media has changed not only the rules of the game, it's reimagined the entire playing field.  

Our team at CR&Co has not only worked inside of the social media machine since day one, we've worked to evolve it day in & day out.

If you're keen to lift the proverbial hood on your media mix & PAID/EARNED/OWNED strategies, we'd love to show you how to best optimize your impact.


By setting the pace, applying insights to emerging platforms, & tying everything to business strategies we can deliver you a resonance that no one else can.


Whether you're starting your journey on a new platform, looking for customer experience/service/engagement best practice strategies, or are looking for a pulse-check on where you are so you can super-charge your business success, we're here for you.

If media & communication mastery is what you're after, slide into our DMs. 
We've gotcha covered.


Key Offerings Include:

  1. Channel & media/asset audits + recommendations 

  2. Creative best practice

  3. Social Media for:

    • Beginners

    • Intermediates

    • Pros

  4. Paid & Organic: finding the sweet spot 

  5. Community Management

  6. Community Service

  7. Reporting & optimisation (tools & platforms) 

  8. Emerging channels & trends for business 

  9. Crisis & Comms (risk mitigation & response readiness) 

  10. Channel Audits

  11. Content planning, Strategy + Production

  12. Crisis Communications (community, planning, strategies)

  13. Community Building 

  14. Channel Strategy Audits/Workshops

  15. Personal Brand ​(audit, coaching, content, working with brands)​

For more information, please get in touch.

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