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Benevolent Banter w/ Dr Rob Keller

Dr Rob Keller is more than a medical professional on the front lines helping patients & medical professionals alike to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, he's also my beloved little brother. I know I'm biased in his favour, but Rob is more than my nerdy bro, he's one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in the United States.

In this episode of #BenevolentBanter I catch up with Rob to talk about Covid-19 from a doctor's perspective. We chatted a lot about cultural differences between our home-country (the USA) & my adopted home, New Zealand. Rob dives into family, common sense, & staying safe while we fight this virus as a global community.

America, F*CK YEAH! 

(PS Rob, this is for you: I love you, I am so very proud of you, & I cannot wait to come home & wrap you up in the biggest - not weird - sister hug ever. Be safe.)


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