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I can't distill who I am & what I do into a pithy headline or a few words for a Twitter bio.

Just as my life has been lived more as a verb than a noun, so too has my professional career. I'm equal parts introspective & outgoing. Curious & intrigued. Strategic & poetic.

For 20 years I've been a storytelling, public-speaking, TV host/entertaining, social media + digital marketing OG with a penchant for raw data, raw truths, & human insight. From there, I am able to help brands, artists, & creative directors dive deep into creativity backed by firm strategy & strong insights.


My goal in work & life is to leave a legacy of kindness connection, & impactful community advocacy that is deeply rooted in equity. 

With equal parts head and heart, I develop individualized content & communications solutions for clients big and small.

Long in the proverbial tooth, I’ve been chief storyteller & communications strategist for some of APAC & America's largest & most well-loved brands & media organizations for almost two decades. The success of others is how I measure my own. 


After all of this time, I’m still blown away by the beauty of how humanity & human connectedness that can be infused into business thanks to new & emerging channels.

Lately my time & passions have shifted away from big business to music, sports, & entertainment industry work. Peppered in alongside not-for-profit projects & freelance media work - my cup runneth over with creativity & passion.


Whether it’s to a TV camera, a crowd at world-class conferences like VidCon & Social Media Marketing World, or a smaller local group of independent artists & labels – I delight in folks come up with ways to tell their own authentic stories. .

How lucky I am to love where I work & play.

Thank you for having me along for the ride!

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