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Quick fire round: we'll explain the logo & you name the brand.  


- Red lips, white teeth, tongue sticking out

- Swoosh 

- The Golden Arches

- An apple with a bite missing from it

- A red outer circle, a white inner circle, & a red dot in the middle

Easy, right? 


The magic of a brand is in the nuance in how it shows up in the world.

Whether it's the Rolling Stones, Nike, Mc Donald's, Apple, Target or any other iconic brand - individuality & the ability to make an impact on someone's life matters most when thinking long-term strategically about products, services, or businesses.

From visuals (like logos), to words, to sounds, to community engagement platforms, to video treatments, to ambassadors/influencers a brand must be more than simply transactional.


In today's modern media world, where customers & brands now interact together daily, a brand strategy must be agile, ever-evolving, & open to authentic community engagement.

Whether you're far along in your brand journey & are looking for the next evolution of your strategy or even if you're starting out, our team of strategic & creative brand experts here at CR&Co are here to help.


Key Offerings Include: ​

  1. Brand health-checks 

  2. Whole-hog brand strategy projects

  3. Leveraging key insights, trends to build contextual & agile brand platforms

  4. Bringing your brand purpose to life across customer life-cycle touchpoints

  5. Channel recommendations 

  6. Campaign planning & ideation for products & services 

  7. Community building for brands

  8. Brand building, insights, & creative workshops

For more information, please get in touch. 

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