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Welcome to the new-wave of what's considered traditional marketing - the masterful realm of business where head & heart collide to create moments, memories, & synaptic connections. 

Content Marketing, we love you so.

We're living in the age of storytelling, technology, mixed-media, hyper-contextual messaging & relevance that resonates with us at a cellular level. 


Content isn't merely royalty anymore, it's the entire kingdom. 


The power of many & the ability to reach a targeted few means we're more apt & able to connect authentically than ever before as businesses that offer products & services.


But, even though we're all connected & connecting daily - we are facing a nemesis like we've never known.
That enemy of connection? Noise.

In a world where there's more content created than will ever actually be consumed, what are the tips & tricks for making sure your brand story is heard above the din is of the utmost importance to ensuring your brand & business grow over time.

This is where our story at CR&Co joins yours.


If you're looking to jump into, rebuild, or refine your content marketing strategies & offerings (be it video, images, long-form content, blogging, data-visualisation, podcasts, radio, influencers & ambassadors) we're here to help.

We'd love nothing more than work with you & your team on creating the most powerful, relevant, & resonant content possible to achieve your business goals. If you're looking to bring your Content A-Game to the market, holler out!

Key Offerings Include: 

  1. Content marketing strategies 

  2. Content creation (production, workshops, best practice up-skilling)

  3. Channel specific content iterations & strategies

  4. Content cadence across paid/earned/owned channel strategies

  5. Creating for conversations & engagement

  6. Influencer growth, engagement & PR strategies 

  7. Shooting video & images for native platforms

  8. Live Video strategies 

  9. Podcasting & Live-casting 101 

  10. Leveraging content across campaigns & creators (influencers & partnership best practice)

  11. Utilising content to scale growth

  12. Growing engagement 

  13. Content optimisation: creative executions & media placements

  14. Channel Specific & Whole Ecosystem Deep-Dives 

  15. Engagement, Audience, & Content Viability Reports

  16. Content Ideation, Coaching & Workshop Sessions

For more information, please get in touch.

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