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Benevolent Banter w/ Lara Chrystal of Matchstick Marketing

If you’re looking for a good ‘ol dose of #optimism packaged up in a magical narrative of giving-back-to-make-things-better & wrapped with a sparkly bow tie of sassy hot takes 🔥, then this episode of #BenevolentBanter is my gift for you today!

Awash in dashing denim & insightful ideas that center on coming together as a cohort of creative #marketingprofessionals to help reimagine our world ahead - this conversation with Lara Chrystal of Matchstick Marketing renewed my sense of joy during a time of a global crisis that’s seen many of us feeling lost & bereft.

Lara’s “In The House🏡, On The House🏡” project is inspiring.


(As is her cover art for our episode! Legend.)

Have a listen & pop any questions you might have through via email.

Chopped blue cheese salad recipe can be sent upon request! 🤣🥗🧀


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