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While we're living in an age of fast change, faster algorithms, & a constant bombardment of content from every direction - gritty reporting, event coverage, engaging storytelling, & journalistic integrity are revered more than ever.

The only way to cut through the din of platforms & videos & posts & tiny snippets of quasi-reality is to jump into a moment & tell stories that matter. So, we now offer the thing we're most passionate about: words. 

Whether you're after one hell of a hook for a launch campaign, event coverage at scale, or in-depth research & distillation of topics that build out your brand/communication playbook - we've got you. 

Key Offerings Include:​

  1. Event Coverage (Media & journalistic coverage which includes written, video, & imagery packages)

  2. Press Packs & release radar strategies for content & marketing campaigns

  3. Editing (long-form, short-form)

  4. Conference & Industry coverage

  5. Creative Executions (multi-media & channel agnostic content creation)

  6. Articles for publication 

For more information, get in touch.

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