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Thankful AF, For You

Happy Yule Ya’ll!

Can you believe we’re at the business-end of the year & sailing into a new trip-around-the-sun hitched to the back of one heckuva reality rocket ship!?

When 2020 started we were all making plans, dreaming, hoping. As the year draws to a close the team & I have full faith knowing that all of us the global business community are still making plans, dreaming, & hoping - but with a clearer view now of what is important & what’s not.

As a newly minted entrepreneur I can tell you that starting out during a pandemic year in which borders were closed was rough. My colleagues & I sat in confusion more than we relished in clarity. We learned to communicate clearly & honestly from day dot. We made hard conversations easier every time we had them. And, we got on a very comfortable (almost first-name basis) with the discomfort inherent in change. Constant, overwhelming, beautiful change.

We pivoted.

We pirouetted.

We podcasted.

We pitched.

We paused.

We pontificated on stages across New Zealand.

We pinched ourselves when big moments unfurled in front of us.

And we prayed hard out that the Universe would help us all see the power inherent in compassion & empathy.

Heading into 2021 we have one focus point as a business & we have one major focus:


It is boldness that will get us through Covid.

It is boldness that will open borders & allow us to hug our beloveds

It is boldness that will speak up against inequity & inequality.

It is boldness that will hold our hands through introspection & personal evolution.

It is boldness that will shape our business strategy.

It is boldness that will exist in the stories we tell, hold safely, & share widely.

It is boldness that will whisper in our ears “We can be the change.”

Thank you to everyone who has made our first year unbelievably ground-breaking & mind-shaking.

Clients near & far, big & small - you are the humans who have made a huge impact on our lives this year.

Yours were the hands & hearts that held space for us as we built impact for you. You moved from unknown souls & minds to family.

Thank you, we will see you back in the New Year.

Until then be safe. Stay well. Dream big. BE WILDLY BOLD IN YOUR SELF BELIEF.

Cassie Roma & Co

Thank you
Thank you for an amazing 1st year, from CR&Co


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