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#KindnessWarrior: Phil Mershon

Updated: May 3, 2020

Phil Mershon is more than a guru when it comes to events - he's a sage, a connector, a networker, & a talented musician as well.

I first met Phil half a decade ago in my hometown of San Diego, California at social media's Super Bowl of events, #SocialMediaMarketingWorld (think thousands upon thousands of people gathering for a few days to dive deep into industry, technology & innovation). From our first meeting through to now, Phil has shown me in words & deeds just how kind he is.

Phil's guiding principles in life are those upon which his faith is built. And, his guiding principles in his profession are in ensuring each & every event attendee leaves knowing more about their craft & feeling more empowered to try new things. Phil is one heckuva #KindnessWarrior, & I am so happy to know him & call him a friend.

Thank you for what you do, Phil!

Q & A With Phil Mershon:

1. What three words best describe you?

a. Connector

b. Creator

c. Communicator

2. Why those three words?

Connector – I love bring people and ideas together that belong together.

b. Creator – I love making new things out of existing things. I’m an idea factory.

c. Communicator – I love spreading messages that bring inspiration, hope, and change through creative means like music, video, art, spoken word, acting, and experiences

3. What did you want to be as a kid?

An astronaut, but then I had bad eyes and allergies by 4th grade so then my dreams turned to music and sports

4. Tell me about compassion & how it shows up for you daily.

I look at how people are responding to hardship and tragedy and it moves me to tears, prayers, and deeds.

5. Who inspires you most in your daily life?

Jesus – because he was the most compassionate person ever.

6. Name a moment in your life when you were courageous!

I went to Kenya for 7 months while in college. Once I got there I had to create the research project from scratch for which I’d been “hired” as the field director had to leave for a medical emergency. I did such a good job that a director at the World Bank said, “Wow. You’ve done all that on your own?” That made me proud.

7. What does kindness look like/mean to you & how does this manifest in your daily life?

Believing the best about others. Showing mercy even when it feels undeserved. Respecting others' feelings and responses even when it’s painful or hard to understand.

8. What motivates you to do what you do?

My faith is probably my biggest motivator. I also believe firmly that every person has a story that is worth hearing and it should be told broadly and loudly. Most people don’t live to their potential.

9. When are you happiest?

When I’m seeing people make connections and discoveries about themselves.

10. We’ve all got a zinger of a power song what’s yours?

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

11. Introvert or Extrovert?


12. What’s one thing we could all do to change the world for the better?

Show up powerfully for each other.

13. Name a deal-breaker for you.

People who tell me what I want to hear and then spread lies behind my back.

14. When did you last sing out loud? (Also, what were you singing?)

This morning. Lauren Daigle’s “You Say.”

15. What’s your biggest hope for the world in 2020?

The power of community banding together in support of each other.

16. What’s your biggest fear for the world in 2020?

People giving into their fears and selfishness in light of a global pandemic.

17. You get one super-power, what is it?

Super Sage – Having infinite wisdom to make the right decisions in every situation.

To find out more about Phil peep him online here:


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