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#KindnessWarrior: Carly Roma

Carly Roma is the kindest of all #KindnessWarriors. I know this because I know her.

One helluva brand & communications guru, Carly is also my wife & best friend. Like all good love stories & clichés, we met at work. Her creativity, passion to solve problems, & compassion for others showed me just how authentic human beings can be regardless of title, expertise, or experience.

Carly is a silly soul. She ebbs & flows like the calmest of tides.

It is an absolute pleasure to feature her here.

Thank you for everything!

Q & A with Carly Roma

1. What three words best describe you?

Kind, funny and loving.

2. Why those three words?

Kind - It’s what I was taught, it’s what I am and what I’ll always be. 

Funny - I love to laugh and make people laugh. 

Loving - I was brought up with a lot of love. I love BIG, this is what makes me happy as well as the ones I love the most.

3. What did you want to be as a kid?

A marine biologist as I was mad about dolphins so wanted to do a job that enabled me to be around them all the time.

4. Tell me about compassion & how it shows up for you daily.

Compassion is feeling what others might be feeling, it’s listening with kindness and it’s helping wherever you can.

5. Who inspires you most in your daily life?

Seeing people do good and amazing things which in turn inspires me to be the best possible version of myself.

6. Name a moment in your life when you were courageous!

Leaving a workplace where I was really unhappy, I resigned without having a job to go to. It took me a while to get to this point as I didn’t want to let go of what could have been and what I had imagined the job to be, it also took a lot of encouragement from my amazing wife that things would be ok if I left. My wife was right, things turned out ok, actually more than ok, I’m now in a workplace that I love.

7. What does kindness look like/mean to you & how does this manifest in your daily life?

It’s about being kind to people, whether it’s your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or strangers that you pass by while out on a walk. It’s showing you care, it’s offering to help, it’s a smile. Home, the workplace and the streets are much happier places when people are kind. 

8. What motivates you to do what you do?

My family. I want to make my family proud. 

9. When are you happiest? 

When I’m with my family - that’s my own family of three, the family I grew up in, my extended family and my closest friends.

10. We’ve all got a zinger of a power song what’s yours? 

That’s easy, ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. 

11. Introvert or Extrovert? 

Definitely extrovert, I love being around people and will often get my energy from others.

12. What’s one thing we could all do to change the world for the better? 

Be kinder, do kind things for people you know and don’t know. 

13. Name a deal-breaker for you. 

People that put others down instead of lift them up. We all need to lift each other more, especially women lifting other women up.

14. When did you last sing out loud? (Also, what were you singing?) 

That was yesterday, I was singing ‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John.

I sing out loud a lot!

15. What’s your biggest hope for the world in 2020? 

I hope that this terrible virus that is affecting so many people around the world starts to slow down and eventually disappear.

16. What’s your biggest fear for the world in 2020?

That other leaders don’t put the right measures in place and the Covid-19 situation gets a lot worse before it eventually gets better. The world could learn a lot about how to do things right from our own incredible leader, Jacinda Ardern.

17. You get one super-power, what is it?

To help those who need it most, I’m not sure what that would exactly look like but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

To find out more about Carly, peep her LinkedIn here.


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