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#KindnessWarrior: Miri Rodriguez

Miri Rodriguez is a #KindnessWarrior extraordinaire & has been since way back. She's a kick-ass storyteller, a published author, a global keynote speaker, a supportive colleague, a loving mother, a rebel, & a truly special friend to many. To know Miri is to know empathy, inspiration, empowerment, & laughter inherent. It makes complete sense, then, that we should launch our #KindnessWarriors community with Miri & her take on what matters most to her: connecting with others through storytelling.

Here's to empowering each other, to fierce femininity, to Snoop-Dogg dance parties, & to boldly living our values daily.

Thank you, Miri, for being a kick-ass #KindnessWarrior.

We salute you!

Q&A with Miri Rodriguez:

1. What three words best describe you?

Feminine, Kind, Rebel

2. Why those three words?

The first 2 are the personal branding overarching attributes I chose for myself when I decided to start branding . 😊 The last one, is what my family and friends call me (sigh).

3. What did you want to be as a kid?

A deep-sea diver. Well, not true. I really wanted to be an astronaut, but my older sister picked it first so I chose the opposite haha

4. Tell me about compassion & how it shows up for you daily.

Compassion is a practice. It shows up for me daily when I take intentional time in the morning to be mindful, to set an intention of awareness and to “zoom out” to see past my own needs and wants and focus on others. It’s all about intention.

5. Who inspires you most in your daily life?

My boys inspire me so much. They are full of zest and life and laughter. They often remind me to laugh, until my belly hurts!

6. Name a moment in your life when you were courageous!

I think my unquenched curiosity is often pushing the courage boundaries for me. I am often machinating new adventures and trailblazing uncharted paths. My entire life is a bold move! 😊

7. What does kindness look like/mean to you & how does this manifest in your daily life?

Kindness is an intentional act to treat others with compassion, honor and respect. It’s the thread the weaves humanity into one. And best of all, it’s free! I try to practice kindness every day. Just as I set my intention to practice compassion, I also do my best to become aware of opportunities to show kindness to others.

8. What motivates you to do what you do?

My legacy. As part of my personal branding efforts, I decided long ago that leaving a legacy to be remembered by is very important. This legacy that draws from my personal ethics and core values, motivates me every day to do what I do!

9. When are you happiest?

When I’m at Disney World! I really love Disney and it is truly for me “the happiest place on earth”, it is filled with lifetime memories and nostalgia from the boys being younger! I am also happy when I’m eating! hahah

10. We’ve all got a zinger of a power song what’s yours?

None of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa! 😊

11. Introvert or Extrovert?

Both! But I’m becoming more of an introvert lately! Crazy, right?

12. What’s one thing we could all do to change the world for the better?

Love each other.

13. Name a deal-breaker for you.


14. When did you last sing out loud? (Also, what were you singing?)

Yesterday. My boyfriend’s Snoop Dogg’s song: "What’s My Name?"

15. What’s your biggest hope for the world in 2020?

That we will learn many positive lessons from this COVID tragedy. That we will be reminded of how fragile our humanity is and how we are all one. That “meism” will disappear as we remind ourselves that what I do can and will affect another.

16. What’s your biggest fear for the world in 2020?

That we become cold-hearted and self-centered as a result of COVID tragedy. That instead of leaning into the goodness of our hearts, we allow ego and selfishness to rule over us and we disconnect from one another

17. You get one super-power, what is it?

Invisibility! I’d LOVE to go to places and not be seen!

To find out more about Miri peep her online here:


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